Grady is an ardent businessman and owner of a multifaceted production company that has successfully launched and developed the careers of ARTIST, MUSICIANS, PRODUCERS, RECORD EXECUTIVES, CHOIRS and MUSIC DEPARTMENTS, MUSIC SCHOOLS, RECORDING STUDIOS, PRODUCTION COMPANIES and INDEPENDENT RECORD LABELS with Great Acceptance.

His professional background is comprised of performing, producing, songwriting, arranging, teaching and management in all facets of The Music Industry. His knowledge and experience has led him to develop a diverse career in this field for over 25 years. Currently he’s found specific interests directed toward Teaching, Production and Management within the realms of Music, Education and Community Services.

Currently Grady is in the process of completing “Oh Give Thanks” The Jackie Tolbert Project from New Orleans, La. and “The Children’s Prayer” A Compilation of Songs addressing Child Issues such as Abuse, Abduction, Abortion, Molestation and Murder. He also serves as Minister of Music and Music Director at Jerusalem Baptist Church in Palo Alto, Ca. and Bethel Baptist Church in Oakland, Ca.
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